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Buckner Feels Pressure as Needs Increase

Helping the poorest people in the communities we serve has become a greater challenge than ever as resources are stretched to meet needs.

As the U.S. economy continues to struggle, the staff at the Buckner Center for Humanitarian Aid in Dallas is seeing a tremendous increase in needs among the poor. In 2010 alone, our staff served 18,345 people.

And with the economic woes affecting donations, the Center is even more dependent on donor support as the needy continue turning to us in large numbers.

“More people have started coming for help,” said a volunteer named Rosy as she restocked a shelf with canned goods. “Now they come more for food than for clothes.”

Victimized by thieves

Billie Gene is one person who has been helped at the Center. She is disabled after having multiple surgeries. She also suffers from seizures, and can’t stand for very long. But just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, her house was robbed.

“They took my microwave, clothes, food, and blankets,” Billie Gene explained. “But Buckner has done just about everything for me,” she added, beginning to smile. “They have given me clothes and books in addition to food.”

Billie Gene shudders to think where she would be today without the Center for Humanitarian Aid. “I wish more people would do good things like this,” she said.

Lost home

Another woman walked into the Center and explained that her husband, who is a construction worker, is only getting 20-30 hours of work per week.

“We had a house,” she said wearily. “But we lost it because of the economy. Our children are sleeping on the floor in the place we’re staying now.”

Jackie Belt, the director of Buckner’s Center for Humanitarian Aid, said the Center is doing all it can to help this desperate family. But he added that such heart-breaking stories are common—and meeting the needs is a greater challenge than ever.

“These people either can’t work, or don’t make enough money to buy the food they need,” he said. “We help hundreds and hundreds of people each month with food assistance.” Belt said that without Buckner’s caring friends, “The Center wouldn’t have anything. God bless the friends who give so generously.”

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