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Never Alone: Available now!

Dr. Albert Reyes' latest book on family available to purchase now

"Never Alone: The Power of Family to Inspire Hope" is available now for purchase. Dr. Albert Reyes' third book focuses on God's design for us and for our families. 

Picture a world without family. There wouldn't be family reunions, children or grandchildren or even special holiday celebrations and traditions. You'd likely feel alone and isolated – like you didn't belong. 

But God didn't have that life in mind for each of us, so he established the family. In Never Alone, Reyes explores Scripture to help us see the true plan and design God has for the family. 

When writing the book, he had you, the reader, in mind.

"I hope readers will look at Never Alone and read through each family, and really find there is power in the family to give hope to its members," Reyes shared. "I hope readers find themselves in the story and can identify with the frailty of human families and the face we really are dysfunctional and we need hope."

"We need a Redeemer and a Savior to put it back together to help the family be what it can be – what God intended," he continued. "From the very first family to families today, it still is the way God organized humanity and it still works."

Order your copy of Never Alone today.

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