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Never Alone: Inspired by Biblical families

An inside look at Dr. Albert Reyes' third book coming out next month

Dr. Albert Reyes, president and CEO of Buckner International, is releasing his third book "Never Alone: The Power of Family to Inspire Hope" in May.

Never Alone gives insight into families today, but also families throughout the Bible. Throughout the book, Reyes takes a deep look to nine different families in Scripture.

"I thought I knew the stories, but as I took that microscope to examine everything about the family, I was surprised at what I found," he shared. "And then I started thinking about my own family."

We discussed the inspiration behind the book with Reyes – and the connection he found in the process to his own family.

"We're normal after all – because all the families I found in the Bible need help," Reyes shared. "They have problems, there's dysfunction. Bad things happen, so I thought, 'OK, maybe our family's normal too.'"

One of the first families Reyes dives into in Never Alone is the very first family in human history: Adam and Eve, and the first siblings, Abel and Cain. This family was the first to encounter and learn how to be a family; how to be brothers; how to be good parents. 

They had to learn how to live out these roles for the first time in human history with only God's guidance. Read Reyes' reflections on this family here.

Continue to follow along as we hear more from Reyes leading up to and following the release of Never Alone in May.

Preorder "Never Alone: The Power of Family to Inspire Hope" today.

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