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New challenges, same God

A devotion on the God who is the same yesterday, today and forever

I’m currently in a fun, exciting and nerve-racking season of life. My husband and I are expecting our first child in January.

There are SO many thoughts that cross your mind during the expectant nine months. Will we be good parents? In what ways will this change our life? How many diapers do we need? Will we have a healthy baby? Are we prepared? 
Welcoming a new child into your home, especially your first child, can give anyone anxiety. It’s a life-changing moment. It can be both stress-filled and sleep-deprived, yet wonderful. It’s a season that could easily be overwhelming if I let it. 
The coolest thing has happened during my pregnancy though. Scripture keeps popping up that reminds me that I serve an almighty God who has historically shown up for his people in both big and small ways. I know it’s no accident these Bible stories I’ve heard hundreds of times are now being presented to me again and again through friends, Sunday sermons, daily devotions, books and podcasts. It took me a while to realize this was how God would calm my anxious heart.
Now, whenever I’m worried and wondering I remind myself that my God is the God of Noah. The God of Moses. The God of Ruth and Daniel and Jonah and Job. The same God who parted the waters for the Israelites and spoke through a burning bush. The God who defeated a giant and instructed a whale to swallow a man and spit him back out, that’s the same God I serve. 
“Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8
I find that so comforting. The same God who created the universe will be with me as I bring my tiny baby home and throughout the years as we raise him. God doesn’t change. He is with us in every battle. He cares about our worries and comforts us when we call on his name. Our God is bigger than any fear and every hurdle. 
Sometimes It’s hard to remember these truths. I want to challenge us (myself included) to begin the new year with a new mindset. When we are afraid or anxious, let’s look at Scripture and see how God showed up for his people time and time again. Then, remind yourself, we’re his people too. 
Written by Morgan Russell, associate director of marketing for foster care and adoption for Buckner International. 

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