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New Hope for Orphans

By Analiz González
Buckner International

(ALDEA EL CARMEN, Honduras) — There is hope in the eyes of the orphans. It isn’t always clear where it comes from. But it’s there.

In the corner of a Honduran village, there is an orphanage with a large concrete wall around it and mesh wiring on top to keep out the neighboring juvenile prison inmates, who like climbing the high polls outside so they can peek in and yell profanities into the orphanage.

Most of the orphans were barefoot before a team of Buckner volunteer missionaries brought Shoes for Orphan Souls in December along with paint to decorate the nursery, diapers and stuffed toys. But the children need more.

“The babies are short on diapers and food. And because they can only afford two nannies at a time (and sometimes only one is there) the 34 infants and toddlers cry for food, water and diaper changes almost incessantly,” said Frances Elizabeth Azzad, director of Buckner programs in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Other missionaries have noted that a lot of the children sometimes wear a t-shirt and underwear as their clothes. Some girls tie pieces of cloth around their waists to wear as skirts.

The Honduran government gives the orphanage $23.69 to meet the needs of each child per month, which means $.76 a day per child to meet their needs.

Since Buckner first became involved with the orphanage in early 2008, they have donated Shoes for Orphan Souls, diapers, formula, juices, baby wipes, toys and more. But the children are still in need of clothes and the diapers are never sufficient. Not to mention blankets, toiletries and clothes.

The December mission team washed feet and placed shoes on the feet of the children, many of whom were barefoot and had torn clothes. They held babies and encouraged children. And they wished they could take them home.

“Nueva Esperanza is supposed to be a temporary home, which means that the children should be there for no more than three to four days, but many of them stay months and years,” Azzad said.

These children also find hope through the donations of people like you, who supply them with much-needed diapers, hygiene items and food.

And Buckner hopes to install a foster care program to get these children in private homes with the attention they deserve. Buckner also wants to hire church women to spend time holding and caring for the babies in the home. But this can’t be done without donations

To give to the children at Nueva Esperanza, please visit and request that the donation go to “Nueva Esperanza” in Honduras.


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