New Houston Family Hope Center becoming a reality

Once, a second Buckner Family Hope Center in Houston was merely a dream. We saw multitudes of vulnerable families and children who needed help, and wanted to step up to protect, strengthen and empower them.

Recently, we took another major step in making that dream a reality. Construction equipment began working the ground that will be home to the new Family Hope Center and Buckner Family Pathways ministries that will be part of Star of Hope Mission's Cornerstone Community.

It’s a momentous occasion that we want to celebrate with you. Because you have been so supportive of the dream to help the vulnerable in Houston, this project has come this far. Soon, equipment no longer will be moving dirt; people will be moving into the area to receive a wide variety of services.

Thank you for all you’ve done to support this project. Please continue praying for this work as it comes together. We’ll update you as the construction progresses soon.

For more information about the new Family Hope Center and Family Pathways in Houston, visit



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