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North Texas family adopts three children

Labor Day weekend held a special celebration for North Texas couple Joshua and Jeralee Redmon as they finalized three adoptions – two through Buckner International and one private adoption. Joshua and Jeralee, who have been foster parents to 11 children since 2011, adopted Ayden, 3, Cheyenne, 2, and Abby Mae, 6 months, on Aug. 29 in Granbury.

Joshua and Jeralee originally became interested in foster care when they were unable to have biological children, but they said God changed their perspective to see that foster care is much more than just an outlet to expand their family, but more about providing a safe and encouraging living environment for children in need.

“My favorite thing about foster care is seeing the huge change that comes with healing,” Jeralee said. “Because that’s what happens with foster care - if the foster home is right, you see healing.”

When the opportunity arose for the Redmons to adopt Ayden, Cheyenne and Abby Mae, they immediately agreed and arranged to have all three adopted in one day. Jeralee says it’s starting to sink in that these three will never have to leave. When returning from the courthouse after the adoptions were finalized, Jeralee excitedly told Ayden that he was now adopted.

“Ayden, you’re adopted,” she told him. “You’re going to be with us forever and ever.” Ayden added with a smile, “and never, never leave.”

The Redmons say they are excited and blessed to have the opportunity to be a forever family, but still feel called to foster care and plan to continue to provide a home for children.

“God has called us to do it, and I can’t see us doing anything else,” Joshua said. “Until God says, ‘You’re done with foster care,’ we’re going to continue to do foster care.”

Aimee Freston is the print publications editor for Buckner International. Contact her at afreston[at]buckner[dot]org.

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