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Open heart, open home: Lubbock adoptive couple talks about the need for homes for children

Lubbock teachers Adrian and Kylie Alfaro were raised by parents who lived out the mindset that if someone needed a home, they had one.

“We don’t have much, but whatever we have, we’re willing to share. That’s why we decided to adopt,” Kylie said. “We wanted to provide something for kids who really needed that safe haven.”

So when Adrian and Kylie found out it would be difficult to have biological children, their next step was a no-brainer. The Alfaros called Buckner and started the foster-to-adopt process.

One Thursday night in June 2014, the Alfaros attended a foster care event at Buckner to be presented with their foster-to-adopt license. Shortly after they arrived, Adrian and Kylie spotted an older foster couple holding a little boy about 5 months old.

“We didn’t know it was Ivan at the time, but we were immediately attracted,” Adrian said. “We’re standing in line next to them, and Kylie asks if she can hold Ivan. It was love at first sight.”

Not even half an hour later, the Alfaro’s Buckner caseworker approached them to tell them that Ivan was the boy they were hoping to place in their home. That weekend, which happened to be Father’s Day weekend, Ivan came to stay for a visit.  And he has never left. After fostering him for 17 months, Ivan’s adoption was finalized on National Adoption Day in 2015.

“There were some moments we weren’t really sure what was going to happen, like any story,” Kylie said. “But God had his plan, and he knew exactly where he wanted him.”

After Ivan’s adoption was finalized, the Alfaros planned to take a break. But Buckner called again shortly with another placement, Mia*.

“Of course, three minutes later, I’m like, ‘I’m on my way to Target to get a crib. Meet me at my house,” Kylie recalled.

Mia has been with the Alfaros for about eight months and they hope to adopt her as well.

“We feel that they have blessed us more than we’ve blessed them. It’s amazing how much strength they have,” Kylie said as she teared up. “They’ve lived through so much already. They’re just amazing little people.”

Adrian and Kylie, who are active in their church, talk about how fostering and adopting have strengthened their faith and how they see foster care and adoption as part of God’s work. The Alfaros also encourage friends and family to foster, adopt and support children as they can.

“You really want to do some great work from God and really want to help? These babies need help. There are so many great kids who just need a chance,” Kylie said. “Buckner is great about providing information on what families need—seasonal clothes, pajamas, jackets, shoes, volunteering for parent’s night out. Even if you can’t provide a month, a year, 18 years of your life, just provide a little bit of time. Listen to what God has for you and what role you can play.”

*name changed to protect privacy

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