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Password to my Heart

By Heather Moody
Elwood, Indiana

“HueHue 01-08” was the password for my computer at work. Traveling to a Spanish speaking country and doing mission work as the hands and feet of Christ was a life long dream of mine. But this password has so much more meaning now that I’ve returned.

Before the trip, the thought of January 2008 in Huehuetenango brought so much excitement, anxiety and anticipation. Now it leaves me with thoughts of beautiful people and countryside. I long to bring a child into my home and to do my part in caring “for the least of these.” I see now that HueHue01-08 is the password to my heart.

I studied Spanish for four years in high school and two and half years in college. I wanted to do “something” with it. I wanted to serve God with this language. I can also see now that my study of the language wasn't for not.

Carlos touched my heart from the beginning but I did not know it until after I got back home with my family. He was the first child to sit next to me when we entered the orphanage for orientation. We half listened to our leader give us guidelines for our visit, but I could not resist the urge to get close to Carlos. He did not speak much but communicated well with body language, so I asked a caregiver about his ability to speak. She informed me that he did not speak much Spanish but rather a Mayan dialect from the mountains.

Carlos had a persuasive way of attracting my attention. My most memorable vision of him was when he performed a Mayan dance with a couple of other children for us our last night at the orphanage. He had rhythm!

When I returned from the trip, my husband and I began to seriously discuss adoption. Carlos came to mind again. My husband stated that he would like to adopt a child whose “time was running out.” It is our understanding that a child is no longer adoptable after the age of 12. Most childless couples want to adopt a baby or small child and although that would be fun, we feel that we could do the most good by adopting a child who has less chances of being chosen by others. We have born two children, and now we want to adopt a child – more to serve God than to serve our need to be parents.

The children and the caregivers at the orphanage in Hue Hue captured my heart. I have wonderful feelings anytime I remember the trip. I would like to give a child a wonderful feeling of being part of a family.
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