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Q&A with former foster youth making a difference

Part of the Youth Advisory Council in Lubbock, the youth aim to improve services offered to former foster children

Buckner FYi Centers work in collaboration with the Texas Workforce Commission and Department of Children and Family Services to provide services to current and former youth in state foster care. The goal of FYi Centers is to offer training, support, and guidance to youth graduating from foster care that will enhance their ability to transition into independent living.  

Recently, the FYi Center in Lubbock launched a Youth Advisory Council to involve clients in the development of center activities. The council is made up of four actively enrolled youth who receive services from the FYi Center. Each member serves a one-year term.

The goal of the Youth Advisory Council is to improve transition services and allow youth who receive services to have a voice in the programs, events, and activities the center offers.

“We always felt the youth would be more involved in the services if they were a part of the conversation,” said Jordyn Moore, TWC Advocate at the Lubbock FYi Center. 

The council position gives youth leadership experience and invites them to provide feedback to staff from a participant perspective. Council members also encourage former foster youth in the community to get involved in FYi services, sharing the benefit they have personally gained from the resource. 

We asked the young adults on the first-ever Youth Advisory Council some questions. Here’s what they had to say.

Why did you want to be on the Youth Advisory Council?

Hailey: “I felt good knowing that I could give others advice.”
Sarah: “I was scared when I got out of foster care. I thought that I was alone, and people need to know that they have help and aren’t alone.”
Ronald: “I enjoy the things we get, and everyone needs to know about it. It’s just good stuff.”
Elexis: “I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at first, but now I want to get the word out to my peers about the FYi center.”

What do you hope the Youth Advisory Council will accomplish for the FYi Center? 

Hailey: “I hope it reassures foster youth that they have places to go, even if they’re afraid to ask.” 
Sarah: “I hope it brings more people to get the help they need.” 
Ronald: “I hope it helps people.”
Elexis: “I hope it can get the word out about what the FYi center does.” 

Learn more about Buckner FYi Centers and how they help guide foster youth toward independence.

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