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Q&A with Stephanie Hesley

Stephanie Hesley serves as the director of nursing at Buckner Westminster Place in Longview, Texas.

In June, Stephanie was selected to represent Buckner Retirement Services at the American Nurses Association headquarters in Silver Springs, MD. She and eight other nurses from across the country were selected to participate in the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) meeting on pain management nursing standards. She was the only nurse selected from Texas, and the only long-term care nurse represented.

Today she’s sharing her experiences from this unique opportunity.

How long have you worked with Buckner?

I have worked with Buckner for eight and a half years.

What made you apply for this national opportunity?

The ANCC recruiting team called all the nurses in the U.S. who are board certified in pain management. They informed us of the opportunity to apply for a position on the panel, and it sounded like an incredible opportunity to make a true impact in promoting the field of pain management nursing.

How did you get selected?

I submitted an application and resume to the ANCC. They went through the applications to review for experience, demographics and field of practice to select a diverse group for the study.

What did it mean to you to be selected?

It was very exciting to be selected. Pain management in geriatrics is one of my true passions. It is well documented that up to 80 percent of the geriatric population has pain, which is frequently underassessed and undertreated. I felt this was an opportunity to promote pain management and interact with other nurses that can help redefine this field of practice.

What was the goal of the meeting?

The goal of our meeting was to help set a standard pass rate for nurses taking the board certification exam and establish what a newly certified pain management nurse should know.

What things did you take away from your experience?

My take away is that there is always more to learn and always an opportunity to make a difference in nursing. This experience made me proud to serve our geriatric population. I really enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with other nurses from different demographic areas and different fields of practice.


How do you think the experience impacts your current role?

The panel meeting confirmed for me that managing pain in residents can make a huge contribution in residents’ quality of life and at times expedite their recovery from acute events.

What is the best part of your job at Buckner Westminster Place?  

I work with a wonderful team that all focus on the same goal, promoting quality of life for our residents. Through this team, I can see the significant impact we have been able to make in the lives of those we serve. It makes it very rewarding to feel you’ve made a difference.

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