Ranger pitchers bring smiles and fun to Buckner Family Hope Center

Young Ranger fans from the Buckner Family Hope Center in Longview, Texas, were thrilled to meet some of their baseball heroes when Texas Ranger pitchers Nick Goody and Jesse Chavez stopped by the Family Hope Center as part of their Winter Caravan through East Texas. 

Goody and Chavez greeted their young fans and autographed jerseys, baseballs and caps as well as posed for photos and played balloon games with the youngest of fans.

“The mission of the Buckner Family Hope Center is to strengthen families and we see events like this as a way to bring joy and hope into the lives of those we serve," said Buckner President and CEO Albert Reyes. "We see baseball players and professional athletes and see them and what they do in their sport and how skilled they are, but to also see the side that they are caring individuals and want to invest in the community and reach out to people that maybe have had a tough time really speak a lot about the Rangers.”

Equally excited, residents from Buckner Westminster Place were also able to attend and greet the Rangers players. 

The day was filled with excited children as they grinned with their friends, clapped their hands in excitement and laughed joyously while meeting their baseball heroes. 

Thank you Nick Goody and Jesse Chavez for spending time with our families and bringing a smile to their faces.


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