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Reasons for Giving Thanks

The Buckner Family has a lot to be thankful for this November, so we asked Buckner children, clients and staff what they are grateful for this Thanks Giving Season.

Patrick Trepagnier, age 11, is being mentored through the KIDS HOPE USA program. Buckner works to form school/church collaborations that make the program possible.

“I am thankful for my mentor because he tells me that I can be anything I want to be and that ‘can’t’ isn’t a word that should be in a man’s vocabulary. He also tells me that you have to be willing to make sacrifices in life if you want to accomplish anything.”

Virgen Lopez, age 8, is a participant of the Buckner-run Vickery Wellness Center’s after-school program for at-risk children in Dallas.

“I am thankful for the staff at Vickery because they are helping me and teaching me to read in English in the library. We read books and I used to not read in English that good but thank you for that. Now I know.”

Deanna Dodd, age 22, is a resident of My Father’s House Lubbock. My Father’s House is a transitional program run by Buckner International. It works to help single parents acquire self sufficiency by facilitating higher education through affordable housing, training programs and a licensed child care center among other services.

“When I first got (to My Father’s House Lubbock) I got my GED,” Dodd said. “Then I started college, which had always been a joke. I mean, I had two children and another on the way so this was never a possibility before My Father’s House Lubbock. I’m very thankful for the services it offers to people like me.”

Katie Wilhoit, age 23, is donor engagement coordinator at Buckner Foundation.

“I am very grateful for two things about working at Buckner. First, a sense of purpose that permeates all we do. Many of my friends are launching new careers and working hard, yet questioning whether their job really holds meaning or makes any contribution in an eternal sense. I will never have those doubts at Buckner. Second, I am grateful for mentors. I enjoy support, community, and wisdom all day long from friends who are a few (or even many!) steps ahead of me. As we chat about work, kids, or the ups and downs of everyday life, they are encouraging and guiding me.”

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