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Removing the language barrier to business

Family Hope Center hosts business workshop for entrepreneurs

Becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult path but often provides the step up you need. For the participants of the business workshop at the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake, nothing was going to stop them from learning and growing to start their business. They recently had the opportunity to present what they’ve been learning in the workshop and even sell their goods. 

The entrepreneur market offered everything from empanadas, tamales and pies to lotions and soaps, piñatas, scarves and hats and Christmas decorations.

For the all-day three-part business workshop, Jorge Marin, vice president of transportation for TBK Bank, taught the classes. The participants were able to give their presentations and receive constructive feedback – a valuable tool in improving and growing a business.

Irasema Gutierrez, a client of the Family Hope Center and participant of the class, creates body lotions, exfoliants and soaps. This experience lifted her confidence and refined her skills to pursue this dream successfully.

“For me, it was about learning – there is motivation in the truth that if you want to, you can achieve it,” Gutierrez shared. “Being taught what to do and what not to do, it helps you achieve success in your business.”

Marin taught the participants the foundational tools of business: presenting a business plan and marketing plan, determining pricing, sales and distribution of their products and services, and presentation and communication skills. 

Teaching this workshop was more than just an educational opportunity for Marin, it was about giving back full circle.

“I wanted to give back to my community since I’m privileged with a higher education and work experience that knows these topics,” Marin shared. “There are a lot of resources in English, but the Hispanic community needs this information and help in their own language too.”

Offering this course in Spanish removed possible barriers for clients wanting to learn and kick-off their new business ventures. For Gutierrez, the class was valuable and easy to understand.

“I enjoyed that Marin challenged us to expose and present our business plan, so he could tell us what we were doing well and what we need to improve,” she said. “It was a very important class for me personally. The way everything was explained was very professional and magnificent as it was clear and easy to understand.”

Although the workshop classes were challenging, the participants were able to connect and work together to learn from each other and from Marin. Through presenting what they had learned, the clients were able to build confidence moving forward.

“It was so rewarding to connect with the entrepreneurs, to capture their attention and their interest,” Marin shared. “To see on the last day all the work and effort they had made to prepare their presentations was inspiring.”

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