Resources to read, learn from and share for Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, so we’d like to share this list of helpful child abuse-related resources.


First things first: what is considered child abuse and how can we recognize it? This blog post at outlines the four types of abuse, warning signs and actions to take if you suspect abuse.


For a more in-depth look at child abuse and its consequences, check out the following books.
Our foster care and adoption experts have shared their reviews of several books on the Be A Family blog, including these two books for those who are parenting children who have suffered abuse or neglect:

The following books can be used to teach children about abuse or start conversations about traumatic experiences.


Check out this calendar from for ideas on ways you can promote child well-being this month as a parent, an organization or a community partner. Activities include making a craft with your child, praising your child for good behavior, and finding a parenting support group.


Use social media as a platform to educate and inform others about the issues of child abuse and prevention.

Share infographics on Facebook or pin them on Pinterest to spread the word and educate your friends about child abuse:

If you're active on Twitter, be sure to follow the hashtag #CAPMonth, tweet statistics and retweet others who are engaging on the topic of child abuse prevention and awareness.


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