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Resurrecting dreams: Dominican Republic woman achieves baking career goals

“Do you still want to be a baker?” Luz Reyes, a case manager for the Buckner Family Hope Center at Eduardo Brito, Dominican Republic, asked Esperanza.

“Yes,” Esperanza answered “But I don’t know if it is possible.”

“It is possible,” Reyes exclaimed. “You can do it, and we’re going to help you.”

With those simple words, Esperanza’s dream was resuscitated. She enrolled in hope center classes, where her baking has improved and expanded. Cakes and cookies are her favorite things to bake and her family’s favorite things to eat.

The four Dominican Hope Centers, like their counterparts around the globe, breathe new life into old dreams daily. Then they help people like Esperanza accomplish them with practical help and assistance that gives individuals and families hope.

Esperanza’s husband, Alberto, has seen the hope center in Eduardo Brito help his entire family, including his children through various efforts. It’s significantly changed the way Esperanza sees herself.

“The program at Buckner has opened her eyes to see something she couldn’t see before,” he said. “I am thankful for that pushing and support. It has been a big help. Because we have eight kids, it’s not easy to provide for them and the house, but we are blessed from the Lord and we are thankful for the help Buckner has provided.”

When Esperanza finished the classes, she plans on opening a bakery. She and her family already are building a new home brick by brick behind their current home., It’ll include an expanded kitchen for Esperanza’s bakery.

Esperanza can see it now.

“Almost two years ago, Buckner opened their doors to me,” she said. “Without knowing me, they gave me an opportunity. How I view the world and how I view myself is very different now. I am so thankful.”

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Story and photos by Aimee Freston

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