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Rio Grande Valley couple loses home – but not hope

Carlos Cabrera and his wife Elizabeth Gracia were doing their best to provide for their family. Carlos had a steady job as a plumber and he and Elizabeth sacrificed monthly to pay more than the minimum on their home loan. They took finance and parenting classes at the Buckner Family Hope Center and worked with a family coach to accomplish their goals of self-sufficiency. All they wanted was to create a safe and happy home for their children. And they were doing just that until their home was taken away.


They had paid off more than half their loan on the house when suddenly, the home was repossessed by the owner. Carlos and Elizabeth were confused, angry and sad. Five of their eight children still lived at home with them. They were running out of options. But even in the middle of uncertainty, they clung to the hope that God would provide.


“I told Carlos that the house must be going to somebody else that needs it right now,” Elizabeth said. “We kept praying about it and felt that God was going to provide something better for us.”


It was just before they were to be evicted when they received their income tax refund in the mail. It was just enough for them to put a down payment on a piece of property and a small trailer.


It was a tight fit for seven people and the roof leaked when it rained. It wasn’t a perfect arrangement, but it gave them a place to call home. Still they yearned for something better.


“I don’t want my children to be materialistic,” Carlos said. “But I do want them to be comfortable.”


That’s when they learned they qualified for a home build through Buckner Missions. Families who successfully complete family coaching, attend classes and volunteer at the Family Hope Center can earn points that can be used for a new home funded and built by mission teams partnering with Buckner.


A mission team came in the spring to build the house and Carlos jumped right in to help them. He also went to other homes being built in the community and offered to do their plumbing.


“I’m so grateful to the people who come to build homes,” Carlos said. “I know it must be difficult to leave their homes and jobs to do something like this. And I want to help as I can. I know others need the same thing we do.”


Carlos and Elizabeth were amazed to see their hope of a comfortable home built before their very eyes. This new home was larger, newer and better than the one they lost in repossession.


“God is not going to give you something that you can’t handle,” Carlos said. “He’s going to put something in your life that you’ll be able to go through and grow. We’re so grateful to Buckner for coming along and helping improve the community. The proof is in these homes.”


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