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Rio Grande women learn about God’s love at conference

Buckner Family Hope Center is helping local women connect spiritually

The Buckner Family Hope Center™ at Peñitas and Donna recently hosted a “Dios Te Ama (God Loves You) Women’s Conference.” It was a heartfelt and refreshing spiritual pursuit for the women in the Peñitas and Donna communities. The women who attended discovered God’s love through an inspirational message and craft. 
Rose Emma Rodriguez from Calvary Baptist Church shared a powerful message and personal testimony that moved women to feel God’s love for them. Her message centered on Jeremiah 31:3 and focused on the theme that God loves each person just as she is. The personal message was relatable and applicable to everyday life. 

Both communities have a passion for connecting with others spiritually in their communities. The Family Hope Center and local churches are fulfilling that need through Bible studies, programs and events like this women’s conference. The women who attended the event expressed interest and insight into future events and programs that would meet the spiritual needs of the Peñitas and Donna communities. 

The women’s conference reminded and encouraged participants that God loves you, just as you are, wherever you are, through his people, his community, and through staying connected.  

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Written by Annaly Mendoza and Renee Gallegos, interns at the Buckner Family Hope Center at Peñitas.

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