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Russian Orphans Get Free Trims

Brittany Black

All that could be heard over the blow dryer was the sound of laughter. The giggles were coming from the four girls in the Angels from Abroad program and their host moms Monday afternoon at Rockwall Salons.

“Cynthia McGee and Amy Bacon donated their time to do the girls’ hair. They usually have Mondays off,” said Beth Brinkmeyer, Angels from Abroad coordinator. “A family that considered hosting knew people at the salon, and was able to set this up for us.”

Each Angel got their hair shampooed, cut, dried and styled. Anastasia, Christina and Sasha only wanted a trim, but also wanted their hair to be curled. Tamara, who was the last to get her hair cut, decided to get a more layered look.

Stacy, an Angel who was adopted by the Jenkins family five years ago, said that children hardly ever get haircuts when they are in the orphanage. The Jenkins family, including Stacy’s sister, Grace, who was adopted two years ago, is hosting Christina and Sasha this year.

“The girls wanted to host,” said Marla Jenkins. “It’s been great because they are our built in translators.”

Stacy and Grace helped translate how each Angel wanted their hair cut and styled.

Each Angel sat patiently while stylists did their hair. But once the smocks were taken off and they hopped out of the chairs an excited smile instantly appeared on their face.

Angels from Abroad, a Buckner-run program gives Russian orphans the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be part of a family and gives them hope for their future. Buckner International is a global Christian ministry that seeks justice for ‘the least of these’ by providing care and resources for orphans and at-risk children in the United States and more than 50 countries around the world.

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