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Sabrina’s Story

For a while, Sabrina Sanchez lived in her car with her two little girls and another on the way.

“We weren’t eating because I was doing meth,” Sanchez said. “The only time the girls ate was when they visited my boyfriend's parent's house.”

Sanchez, now 28, said she knew she might lose her daughters if she didn’t repair her life. So she gave up the drugs and applied to a local shelter where she received her GED. After that, she qualified for the Licensed Vocational Nursing program at Midland College and was accepted as a resident at Buckner Family Place.

Family Place helps single parents become self-sufficient by giving them a safe place to live while they complete their education.

“I never really envisioned myself working. I didn’t have any goals or priorities. Now I realize that I have value and I am very successful in my job. I feel like I can do anything.”

As a graduated LVN, Sanchez works at an alcohol and drug abuse program, where she does screening assessment for applicants and helps determine whether they are appropriate for the facility.

“If Family Place hadn’t been there for me, I don’t know where I’d be,” Sanchez said. “I don’t think I’d be in a position to give back. My girls really appreciate it, too. They get to spend time with me now. They are not afraid to ask for a snow cone or candy bar.

“It is amazing to see how God has orchestrated my life,” she said. “He has taken my ashes and turned them into beauty.”

Sanchez said she tries to reach out to the addicts from the center, many of whom leave before their treatment is complete. She recently shared the Gospel with a homeless man living in an abandoned drug house in Midland.

“There is a time in life for receiving,” she said, “but there is a time for giving, too. I think that I’m in my season for that now — to lead the homeless to God and direct other single women.”

Sanchez, who now sings on the praise and worship team at her church, is hoping to begin school again to become a Registered Nurse. She would like to eventually focus her career on working with single mothers and addicts.

“It is an honor and privilege to be able to work with people who are addicts and to see that there is hope for them,” she said. “Addictions can be overcome and they can go on to lead fully successful lives. I look forward to every chance I get to give to someone else.”

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