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Seniors at Calder Woods show age is just a number

Buckner Calder Woods in Beaumont challenges seniors with Wellness Awards

Being a senior adult is a new chapter of life. Venturing into that chapter can be scary and isolating, but also exciting and full of new opportunities. For residents at Buckner Calder Woods, a senior living community in Beaumont, Texas, they have been challenging themselves to make this the best chapter of their life so far.

Seniors coming together to age well

On Oct. 4, the community hosted a Wellness Awards Day to celebrate the wellness achievements of the independent living residents over the past six months. Calder Woods is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for senior adults by promoting an active, healthy lifestyle while still maintaining their independence and dignity.
Senior wellness matters“Having wellness awards motivates the residents to keep working toward their individual goals,” said Ronnie Sanders, director of health and wellness at Calder Woods. “It boosts morale and creates a sense of community.”
Every quarter, the staff and residents gather for a fitness assessment. The most recent assessment blew everyone away. Among the highlights were a 5.55% improvement in a 6-minute walk, 2.01% improvement in overall metabolism, 37.91% improvement in muscular strength and 1.16% decrease in weight. 

Staying active no matter your age offers many benefits

The average resident at Calder Woods is 86 years old and is considered “low risk” for falls according to the John Hopkins Fall Risk Assessment Survey.
Maintaining an active lifestyle offers a host of benefits for seniors. It impacts more than just physical health, but mental health and social skills too. 
Calder Woods offers a well-rounded assortment of activities including tai chi, yoga, Zumba, chair fit, water aerobics, fall prevention and posture classes.
“Our program focuses on physical, emotional, nutritional health, and building and maintaining social relationships with other residents and staff,” Sanders continued. 
Benefits of regular fitness for seniors include improved cardiovascular health, stronger bones, enhanced mental health and mood regulation and a lower risk of chronic diseases and disorders. 

Couple wins wellness awardsCelebrating wellness

For the Wellness Awards Day, various awards were given to honor residents’ achievements. For most improved overall fitness, Jo Geisendorf, Alice Schroder and Janelle Holden took home the trophies. 
Dr. Jean Ivey stole the show with the greatest number of squats while Virgina Ellis won the flexibility award. Ruel Rodgers crossed the six-minute walk finish line with the best distance. 
The other residents honored included:

  • Altrusa Award: Marsha Williams
  • Balance Award: Dr. Fred Moorer
  • Posture Award: Bobbye Mcgill
  • Angle Backward Award: Nelda Brown
  • Best Spirit Award: Dianne Rogers
  • Recruitment Award: Jean Jones 

Exercise releases endorphins, the body’s natural mood booster. For these seniors they had the added benefit of competing and working out together! Senior adults can often feel lonely and isolated. But through the gift of community activities, exercise and competition, Calder Woods seniors are making the most of this season of life.

Make the most of this chapter of life and experience a vibrant lifestyle at one of our Buckner Retirement Services communities across Texas.


Dody Vail Sparks says:
Wow!! Ronnie Sanders’ program should be replicated in EVERY retirement home setting!! Fantastic program!! ⭐️
Buckner Communications says:
Dody - we agree!! Our six senior living communities all make an effort to embrace what it means to be a senior adult and make the most of it. Find out more here.

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