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Residents at Buckner Villas were eager to show local first responders how much their services
mean to them. On Sept. 11, seniors delivered homemade treats to local firefighters to show their appreciation for all they do to keep the Austin community safe. Cakes, cookies, specialty breads and snack mixes are some of the treats the residents delivered in honor of the sacrifices first responders made during the tragic events of 9/11.

Julia Treadway, a resident of Buckner Villas, vividly remembers the day the Twin Towers fell.

“I was walking into my Bible Study Fellowship meeting when I first got wind of the news,” she said. “Our group leader decided we should still host
the meeting, and we began to pray. Later that night, reality set in as we watched the footage replay over and over on the TV. It was so disturbing, but we could not take our eyes away. I kept praying that people would survive.”

Treadway’s son, Mark Treadway, is a volunteer firefighter in Dripping Springs. She understands how demanding the job is and what sacrifices must be made. She prays for his safety every day and is extremely proud of her son, as well as all the other men and women who choose to be first responders.

“We would be lost without them,” Treadway said. “I am happy to bake them some of my favorite recipes to show my appreciation.”
Virginia Dunn, a fellow resident at Buckner Villas, made her famous banana muffins. Dunn wanted to participate to show her appreciation for those that help contribute to her security. Her grandson is captain of a fire department in Houston so she also understands what the daily work consists of and the danger it entails.

“It is heartwarming to see all the residents excitedly baking goodies for our local firefighters,” said Doyle Antle, executive director of Buckner Villas. “There were certainly a lot of smiling faces as we surprised the first responders with these treats. It is a pleasure to be a part of a community in which the residents get true joy out of being altruistic. We all can learn from this generation.”

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