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Shine hope this summer for single parent families

Krystal survived domestic violence, and she and her children found themselves in another desperate situation not long after.

“I had a job, but I only made enough money to rent a home or eat meals. Not both. So we were living with friends, and it started to disrupt my children’s lives. I remember crying out to God, ‘I just need you to provide because I don’t know how this is going to work.’ Then I found out about Buckner. For the first time, I knew we were going to be OK.”

Because of generous supporters, the Buckner family was there for Krystal in her crisis. Buckner Family Pathways provided safe, secure housing for her and her children and allowed her to go to college, setting the family up for long-term success.

With a firm foundation in place, Krystal and her children are thriving thanks to your support.

“It’s one thing to know what hope means, or the definition. But when you’ve lived it and it’s part of your life story, it just has brandnew meaning. And that’s what Buckner has given me and my kids.”

DOUBLE your impact on single-parent families by giving today, thanks to a $100,000 matching grant.

Give today!
  • Protect children and single parents by providing safe housing, access to child care, counseling, health care, educational support, counseling and more.
  • Equip single parents to develop necessary practical, sustainable skills to take care of their children through parenting classes, money management training, communication skills and conflict resolution tools.
  • Grow the faith of single parents and their children by drawing them closer to Jesus and his Word.

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