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Shine the light

An update from Buckner president Albert Reyes

For more than a year, I’ve shared monthly updates about Buckner International. They’ve focused on keeping you informed about our pandemic progress, continuing our ministry using alternative methods, and the measures we’ve taken to keep our children and families protected and residents safe at our six senior living communities.

Throughout this time, it’s felt like navigating down a long, dark tunnel of uncertainty. We were moving with purpose and direction, but in darkness, with only the distant light of hope guiding us. 

Hope of a bright future

But with the advent of vaccinations and the increased immunity that comes with them, it seems every day that light of hope is growing brighter and brighter, and I’m growing more and more excited about our ministry future at Buckner.

One of the miracles of 2020 was the continuing support of Buckner donors, who recognized we didn’t shut down or services, we just pivoted our methods to continue providing our hope-filled brand of ministry.

What's next for Buckner?

Now supporters are asking, “What’s next?” It’s a great position to be in. And I’m excited to have an answer. What’s next at Buckner is being the light at the end of the tunnel for many who need it.  

What’s next for Buckner is a renewing ministry with a personal touch. As we follow state and safety protocols, we already are opening our children and family ministry areas back up to limited in-person service, offering face-to-face hope to vulnerable families … just like Christ did.

Watch the video to discover what's next for Buckner and how you can play a part in serving vulnerable children and families.

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