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Shoe Shortage Delays Shipments to Children!

The supply of new shoes for orphans has been low since spring, forcing Buckner to delay shipments to children in need. We need your help to refill the shoe bins.

The Shoes for Orphan Souls™ program at Buckner began running low last spring—and the shoe inventory at our warehouse in Dallas is still below the demand.

We are asking good friends like you to help Buckner replenish our shoe supply so more bare, bruised, and injured little feet will be protected by a new pair of shoes.

Flow Interrupted

Julia Stark, the Shoes for Orphan Souls program manager, said that under normal conditions, “We have shoes going out the door constantly. A supply never sits in our warehouse for long.”

But according to Matt Asato, director for International Humanitarian Aid, the shortage has delayed a shipment of shoes to India. “The shoes were scheduled to leave in August, but we’ve had to push the delivery back to next year,” he explains.

“It’s just that much longer that the children are going without the shoes they need. That’s a major concern, given the scope of the program. For instance, Buckner shipped more than 48,000 pairs of shoes to Haiti last year. And recently we made one last shipment of 9,000 pairs.”

Asato adds that the remaining shoe need for all 2011 Buckner programs is about 80,000 pairs. He also says the goal for this year is to distribute 150,000 pairs of shoes, which includes those sent through ministry partners.

“These ministry partnerships are key for Buckner,” Stark says. “We are working with more ministries than in years past. It’s thrilling to be able to help so many boys and girls.”

“But it means the demand for shoes is year-round, rather than just at back-to-school time. So the drive for shoes has to be year-round too.”

Ways to Help

We are praying for your involvement to help overcome the current shortage of new children’s shoes at Buckner.

You can make an immediate impact through a generous contribution to Shoes for Orphan Souls. Your gift will provide a needy child with a pair of shoes and a chance at a better life—literally, because children without shoes are not allowed to attend school in many parts of the world!

You may also want to organize a shoe drive at your workplace, church, or civic club. Buckner will provide everything your group needs for a successful effort. Visit www.shoesfororphansouls.com to learn more about hosting a shoe drive and to sign up.

Please pray about how you can help at this time of low supplies for Buckner and Shoes for Orphan Souls.

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