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Single Mother Finds Hope, Opportunity through My Father's House Lubbock

By Kelsey Buckner
Communications Intern

A West Texas mother of two received a belated Christmas gift that transformed her family’s life. My Father’s House Lubbock - a residential program for single parents working toward their educational goals and seeking self-sufficiency - was the start of a new chapter for Melissa Glasscock.

She was married for six years when she decided she needed to leave her husband. Glasscock said he was unwilling to stay committed to her, and she knew the only way she could live a happy and healthy life was to leave him and find new direction.

“There was some emotional abuse, and I found out he was being unfaithful and it was going to continue,” Glasscock said. “I didn’t actually have anywhere to go. It was definitely not a stable situation for my kids and me at all.”

To make matters worse, Glasscock was afraid she would not be able to provide for her children alone.

“All I had was a high school education, and I knew I was going to be a single mom,” Glasscock said. “I knew I didn’t want to work full-time – a paycheck to paycheck job – so, somebody mentioned My Father’s House to me.”

Glasscock learned she had to be a full-time student working toward a degree to live at My Father’s House. Even though she was skeptical, Glasscock said she was pleased to know it would be possible for her to attend school, work, and raise her children.

“Someone told me about My Father’s House, so that’s when I went up and filled out an application,” Glasscock said. “I had no idea how it was or anything.”

At first, the chance to complete a higher level of education made Glasscock apprehensive because for many years she was a stay-at-home mother. With encouragement from the staff and residents at My Father’s House, she said she was able to gain the confidence she needed to earn her college degree.

“I didn’t feel confident enough that I would be able to do that and they really push you,” she said. “It was good – I slowly eased into it. It really built my confidence up.”

Glasscock has lived at My Father’s House for two years, and she said her and her two daughters - now six and three years old - love it. Her daughters enjoy the company of many other children, and she said she feels supported by everyone and that the program is making a true impact on her life.

“We are in a different situation for the better,” Glasscock said. “Being able to go to school and do better for myself, and for my kids to know I am supported. I feel supported through the program that if something happens, I know that Buckner in general is there to help me reach my goal with graduating and being able to get a good job for myself and for my kids.”

She said if she had not come to My Father’s House, getting her education would have been near to impossible and taken years to complete.

Glasscock graduated from South Plains College with an Associate of Arts in Teaching, and will graduate from Texas Tech University in Spring 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She said teaching is the perfect job for her because it lets her spend time with her children and earn a steady income.

Having stability in life delights Glasscock – she said she will be stable financially, emotionally and spiritually. It is hard for her to think about life without consistent support from Buckner.

“We love it,” Glasscock said. “I don’t know what I would do without it.”


Rosa says:
I'am in need of a gas stove and dressers & even a beds. Please, if you can help us please help we really need these things our home is under so much renovation nothing is close 2 being finished we don't ever have money for anything and it's so hard to make my house look like home with no furniture, it looks like we live in a giant trash can. I really need something 2 put out clothes in we really need beds and I would love to bake a cake a gas stove. I just need a little relief. Please, if you have a way 2 help us, PLEASE we are in need.
Aimee says:
Hi Rosa, I have sent you an email to follow up on this and see what we can do to help. -- Buckner Communications
Irene Garcia says:
Needing a housing for myself and my kids.right now cps has taken them into there custody and placed my daughter into a separated homes.i don't have stability and haven't finished my education..
Buckner Communications says:
Hi Irene! We have contacted you via email to discuss your needs and see how we can help. --Buckner Communications.

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