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Single parent ministry receives grant from Xcel Energy Foundation

Buckner Family Pathways™ in Amarillo receives $7,500 to support ministry

The Xcel Energy Foundation has recently granted $7,500 to Buckner Family Pathways™ in Amarillo as part of a larger $400,000 donation to more than 50 nonprofits in Texas and New Mexico. 

"We have been a part of the community in Amarillo since 1925 and a large part of the Panhandle since then. We go even further back with New Mexico and have been involved with them since 1904," said Wes Reeves, senior media relations representative for Xcel Energy of Texas and New Mexico, in a press release. "We have grown with these nonprofits over the years and have been able to provide financial and business help for community development for decades. We see these grants as an investment in the communities that make our business successful."

Since 2008, the Xcel Energy Foundation has given $85,500 to support Buckner ministries in Amarillo.

Family Pathways is designed to help single parents in crisis who need to care for their children and determine next steps for their family's future. The program helps single moms or dads overcome barries that prevent self-sufficiency, such as education, career prospects and life skills. At Family Pathways, single parents can break the cycle for future generations and transform into strong, successful and sustainable families.

You can read more about how Xcel Energy supports nonprofits at the Amarillo Globe News. 

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