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Support foster children in Buckner campus safe homes across Texas

Help provide basic necessities for children in need

Buckner campus homes across Texas have been approved to be used by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as safe homes for foster children and DFPS staff during transitions when there are not enough foster care placements available.

Buckner campus homes in Dallas, Beaumont, Lubbock, Midland and Mission in the Rio Grande Valley will help provide consistent, safe environments for these children.

You can help foster children feel loved while they are in care

In addition to needing a safe place to sleep, they will need food, clothing, sheets, towels and other basic necessities. You can partner with us to meet those needs.

We want each child to receive a welcome kit containing items such as:

  • puzzles
  • self-care items
  • devotional books
  • and more.

You can help ensure each child receives a welcoming kit by providing some of the items needed.

A majority of incoming children will be ages 13 to 17 years old.

Care packages for care providers are also needed

We also want to provide support for the CPS staff staying in the homes through care packages. The staff will receive care packages that include fun office supplies, self-care items and encouraging notes. 

A total of 32 kids will be able to stay in Buckner homes at any given time. You can help make their stay even more welcoming. 

Learn how you can collect items to be used in welcoming kits and care packages or help provide these needs through a generous gift to Buckner


Freddie Mayfield says:
I would love to have more information on how i could possibly serve in person and help young people at the Buckner's Orphans Home in Northeast Dallas which is approximately only 4 miles from where I'm living in Mesquite. I feel as though God has been calling me to love, encourage, and mentor young teenagers since i briefly did so for a short time in 2007. James 1:27 May God continue to bless you all as you serve and consider others as more important than yourselves! 💞🙏🌎
Buckner Communications says:
Hi Freddie! We have lots of volunteer opportunities. Check out our volunteer hub at www.buckner.org/volunteer to find a volunteer opportunity in your community.

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