Support the Families for Orphans Act

The Joint Council for International Children’s Services (JCICS) is promoting a nationwide call to action for support of the Families for Orphans Act June 28 - 30.

The act supports a change in current trends to help all children live in a permanent family through the development of a new U.S. government office dedicated to ensuring children in the United States and around the world have the opportunity to live, grow and flourish in permanent parental care.

“Anything that promotes permanency for kids is a healthy step,” said Randy Daniels, vice president of Buckner International’s global operations. “Children need stability in order to thrive. At Buckner, we believe in multiple options to support permanency for children, including preventative programs, foster and kinship care, and adoption.”

The new office will support permanent parental care for children, ensure diplomatic efforts are initiated and sustained at the highest levels, and coordinate proactive programs to assist developing nations in achieving permanent parental care for every child.

To show your support for the Families for Orphans Act, visit the JCICS website or click here to sign the petition.



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