Surprise! Buckner single mom receives car for Christmas

LaShonda Haynes came to God’s Garage, a nonprofit repair ministry that helps single mothers and veterans, to receive presents from a toy drive. She was thankful to be there.

About a year ago, she applied to receive a car from the organization but was told it would take two years. The organization relies on volunteers and donations to help individuals with transportation needs.


LaShonda, who is a Buckner Family Pathways resident, was extremely grateful God’s Garage would care to give her family presents this Christmas. Then she heard five unexpected words: “You’re getting a car today.”


The news almost knocked her over.


“Thank you!” she said. “You have been such a blessing!”


The vehicle will help LaShonda and her two children immensely. She is studying to become a nurse while in the Family Pathways program.


“It’s going to get me back and forth to school,” she said. “It’s going to get me to parent-teacher meetings for my sons.”


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