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Thankful for a love beyond limits

Jennifer Perez thought she knew the limits on what her heart could handle. And she had a plan. She and her husband, Mace, would have biological children and then adopt a child in need. But they wouldn’t foster, she reasoned, because it would be too hard on her heart to let a child leave once he or she had come into their care. 

God knew her better than that. 

Moved by a foster mom’s testimony, Jennifer and Mace eventually opened their hearts to fostering. And, as Jennifer likes to put it, God rocked their world. Of the 10 children they’ve fostered so far, Jennifer said: “I keep thinking we never would have met them if we wouldn’t have opened up our home. Now I can’t imagine my life without them.” 

It’s not that the path has been easy. Jennifer and Mace have endured a painful journey of infertility coupled with stunning personal tragedy. But even in the midst of loss, they have leaned into a calling to “give their family away” to children who have needed them, for a season … or forever. 

This year, their dream of adoption came true when a three-year-old boy, named Bernard, became their son. Bubbly and outgoing, Bernard is now officially a part of the Perez family welcoming committee for the foster children who need a place to call home. And Jennifer and Mace are giving thanks for each of their lives and that their hearts and home had more room for love than they ever thought possible. 

This Thanksgiving, we, at Buckner, are giving thanks for the Perez family and all of the amazing foster and adoptive families who’ve made space in their lives for God to write these stories of love and hope. You can find more encouraging stories of adoption on the Buckner blog. But don’t stop there. As National Adoption Month comes to a close soon, ask God what your family’s role is in caring for his children through foster care and adoption. We’ll be ready to come alongside you.  

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