Thankful for an unexpected path

Years ago, Scott and Amber Hawk thought they knew what they wanted: to adopt a child and “complete” their family. But they found they couldn’t ignore the need for foster parents in their community. After years of fostering, their dream of adopting children became a reality when they adopted two groups of siblings through foster care. Today, seven adopted children and one grandchild later, the Hawks can’t imagine taking the path they once thought would make their family whole. 

Sure, maybe the kitchen’s too crowded or there’s not a single empty corner of the house for a few minutes of  coveted “alone time.” It’s what the Hawks laughingly refer to as #BigFamilyProblems. But with those challenges, come #BigFamilyBlessings — to love and be loved by your big, messy, loyal tribe. 

Where are you on the journey? This National Adoption Month, learn more about how you can become or support a foster or adoptive family.


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