Thankful to be called 'Mom' and 'Dad'

For church plant pastors, Aaron and Iris Saenz, ministry is a way of life. Married 11 years ago, they always knew in their hearts they wanted to nurture children, but shepherding young congregations kept them constantly on the move. In fact, it sometimes felt like they were already raising a family. 

It wasn’t until the Saenzes received the encouragement of a friend who was considering adoption that they realized they were being called into another kind of ministry altogether — the ministry of being parents. And even more specifically, they were to called to become “Mom” and “Dad” to four siblings who were waiting for a forever home.

You may be called to the ministry of adoption. Or you may be called to come alongside and encourage a family who’s fostering. Wherever you are in the journey, there’s a place for you to serve with Buckner. Learn more during National Adoption Month!


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