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The Beaumont Foundation of America continues to support foster care needs

BFA committed another $66,300 in funds to Buckner for 2024

The Beaumont Foundation of America has provided new clothing to children in Buckner foster care since 2007. This year, the nonprofit foundation committed another $66,300 and recently delivered the first half to Buckner. For thousands of children and parents across the state, BFA’s continued support is a blessing.

Foster parents share a common bond when it comes to waiting for the placement of a child in their home: everything about a new placement is uncertain. 

Age, gender, history and the reasons a child is in foster care are often unknown or learned immediately before the child’s arrival. Foster parents must think about everything from providing basic necessities to understanding developmental needs. And that’s just the beginning.
All parents know how quickly kids can outgrow their clothes. Requirements for school uniforms, special school dress-up days, costumes and team uniforms can make the list incredibly long. 

With around 30,000 children in foster care in Texas annually, clothing needs for growing children continue to increase. Many children in foster care have experienced arriving at their new foster home with a garbage bag of their belongings – or nothing at all. Often the clothing they do have doesn’t fit properly. It’s not uncommon to find they've never been given the chance to choose new clothing for themselves. They’ve always relied on used clothing or whatever happened to be available.

The gift of new clothing is a tangible way to help a child feel valued and allow them to experience ownership over their appearance.

Because of the Beaumont Foundation and the more than $2 million provided since its first gift in 2007, Buckner foster parents can easily check new clothing off their to-do lists.

Buckner offers foster care services in Southeast Texas, North Texas, Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Longview, Lufkin and the Rio Grande Valley. The clothing funds are distributed throughout the year as the need arises. 

A child’s new clothes are not a temporary gift. The primary goal of foster care is reunification with their family of origin. If an immediate family member isn’t an option, the search turns to extended family members. When reunification or placement with a relative is possible, everything they’ve received goes home with the child.

The long relationship between Buckner and the Beaumont Foundation continues to support foster parents and shine hope into the lives of children in foster care.

Support foster care families in your community or learn more about becoming a licensed foster care family today.


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