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The Buckner “pig-me-up”

Meet Max.

Max is a four-month-old, 22-pound therapy pig, affectionately known as the unofficial Buckner Hospice mascot.

Max began visiting Buckner Hospice patients in March when he and owner Nicole McPherson, Buckner Hospice administrator, earned their companion animal certification. The pig now also visits residents at Parkway Place senior living community, and plans to soon make trips to each Buckner community.

“The joy on these residents’ faces when they see Max is almost indescribable!” said Susan Phelps, executive director of Parkway Place. “Animals have a unique way of bringing out a childlike joy in senior adults, and to see them get so excited is truly heartwarming.”

Therapy pigs have proven to be a unique source of joy and comfort for senior living residents. As with any therapy animal, research shows they can help reduce anxiety and lessen symptoms of depression, particularly for seniors who have a history of working with or being around animals.

McPherson received Max as a gift when he was three weeks old and weighed just five pounds. Since then, she’s been training him as a therapy pig. He lives inside her family’s home, in a kennel, like any other household pet.

“He’s just like a dog, but smarter,” laughed McPherson. “He can sit, spin, kiss and shake hands. He’s quite the pig!”

McPherson keeps Max on a strict diet of fruits, vegetables and, as a special treat, Cheerios. She walks him in her neighborhood—on a leash—nearly every day. While he’s still growing, her goal is to keep him at a trim 50 to 60 pounds.

“The name Max means ‘one of a kind,’” McPherson said, “and Max is truly that to everyone who meets him, especially these senior adults.”


Alex Evans says:
The "Buckner Pig Me Up" initiative highlighted in this article is truly heartwarming and inspiring. It's incredible to see organizations like Buckner embracing creativity to bring joy and support to individuals who are in need, especially those in hospice care. Hospice care plays a pivotal role in providing comfort, compassion, and support to individuals and their families during a challenging time. The "Buckner Pig Me Up" initiative's commitment to delivering stuffed animals and smiles to hospice patients is a beautiful example of how small gestures can make a big difference in someone's life.

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