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The impact of a father

Buckner programs support dads to be the best they can be

Dads. Grandfathers. Uncles. Father figures. Brothers.
There is a special role dads – and fatherly figures – play in the health and overall wellbeing of a child and the entire family. When challenges and stress of life weigh on a father, it can often trickle down to the rest of the family unit.
Fathers impact childrenBut when a dad shows up for his family throughout the hustle and bustle, it creates long-lasting impact. As of 2022, about 1 in 4 children – 18.3 million in America – experience life without a father in the home. America has one of the highest rates of single-parent households globally.
But even for children in a home with both parents, with work responsibilities and the pressure to provide, it might not add up to a lot of quality time either. The average school-age boy only spends about a half hour per week in one-on-one time with their father.
While time together is important, it’s not always about quantity. Quality time as a family spent together can impact your children now and for years to come.

The benefits of a father figure

The importance of a father in the homeThe presence of a dad impacts everything from confidence, education, health, social skills to future choices. When a child has a father at home, they are 80% less likely to spend time in jail, 75% less likely to experience teen pregnancy and less likely to experience suspension or expulsion from school.
And often overlooked, a father’s presence and attachment to a child beginning at birth can impact healthy weight gain and improved success with breastfeeding. Further, a dad’s absence can cause developmental hindrances beginning from infancy throughout childhood and into life as an adult.
Whether it’s a birth father, or a father figure, high levels of involvement helps children succeed from birth to adulthood.

Strengthening families through education and support

Through programs like the Buckner Family Hope Center® or Fatherhood EFFECT, fathers have a chance to strengthen their mental health and coping skills to learn and become healthy, strong examples for those who look up them most: their children.
Children need fathersBy providing supportive services and coaching, it decreases the likelihood of abuse, neglect or removal of children. And when parents are supported, children can feel the difference of strong parents.
With classes designed for parents and father figures, the Family Hope Center is a great place to strengthen, heal and grow as a dad.
Fatherhood EFFECT comes alongside expecting fathers and dads with children up to 17 years old. This program, available in Beaumont, uses the 24/7 Dad® curriculum to cover topics such as family history, the role of being a father, showing and handling emotions and more. Whether a birth father, stepdad, guardian or grandfather, support is available to you through this program.

The power of community for fathers

Just like Scripture reminds us that we’re not to do this life alone, the same goes for parenting. Attending classes with other father figures or joining a group of other dads reminds you that whatever you’re facing – you aren’t alone.
Community groups for fathers have been shown to help dads with their overall mental health: reducing anxiety and depression and even recovering from addiction. Leaning on one another and learning from each other creates an environment where dads can grow and become the best father they can be.
Fatherhood EFFECT offers Group Connections as well as other opportunities such as the annual Summit to engage with other dads and develop new skills needed to be a great dad.  

Are you ready to strengthen your family? Find a Buckner Family Hope Center® near you.


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