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The many roles of dad

It’s nearly impossible to overrate the importance of involved, supportive fathers. The relationship a child has with his or her father affects nearly every personal connection a person will have. That’s why Buckner has efforts to encourage strong fathers in many of its Family Hope Centers, including Beaumont, Dallas, Longview and Peñitas. It’s also why dads are such an important piece to Buckner foster care and adoption efforts.

Children with great fathers tend to do better in school, have less behavior issues, avoid risky behavior and have healthy relationships as they march toward adulthood.

Let’s look through the eyes of an illustrator to see some of the ways fathers help their children:

Give reassurance


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Children need to know someone is on their side, ready to comfort them when they’ve had a tough day. The world can be a confusing and difficult place. Every child needs someone to help him or her through it.

Foster curiosity


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Every Sherlock Holmes needs a Watson. Learning is more fun in pairs. Great fathers encourage children to explore the world around them. They help their children learn through books and hands on expeditions in the backyard or in parks. Something new is waiting to be discovered each day.

Cultivate creativity


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For children, the world is full of wonder. Through the use of storytelling, interactive playtime and imagination, fathers help children see what’s possible. Activities like building with blocks, reading books and playing pretend help children develop mentally. They learn how to problem solve and see the world from different viewpoints. Together, fathers and children see what could be, not simply what is.

Provide protection


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Dads are superheroes in the eyes of their children. They’re strong. They’re fast. They’re smart. And they’re here for protection. Fathers help provide children with a sense of security – whether from the monsters in their nightmares or real threats they may encounter during the day.

Create Role Models


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How a father behaves provides a model for their children. Children learn from watching their fathers. They become interested in what dad’s interested in. That ripples throughout their lives. Children are likely to replicate behaviors they see in their fathers. Girls typically look for men who act as their fathers did. Boys model themselves after dad.  

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