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The possibility of hope

One of greatest joys of the year is to wish you a merry Christmas on Christmas Day. Throughout this series of Christmas devotions, we have sought to highlight hope, peace, love and joy. My hope for you on this special day is that you and your family revel in the joy, the mystery and the gift of Christmas.

Specifically, I hope you take a few moments to reflect on the incarnational move of God through Jesus, a baby born in a manger in Bethlehem, as his effort to come close to you and your family. As you focus on Christmas, take a moment to press the zoom-out button on your optics and consider the broader story of redemption.

When we say “Hope Shines Here” at Buckner, the foundation of this message is in the hope of the resurrection. We offer this hope because we have been transformed by resurrection hope and offer it to those we serve.

We seek to incarnate the reality of the Kingdom of God that comes near because the King lives in us. This Kingdom produces peace, healing and justice wherever it is present. We want these blessings for vulnerable children, orphans, families and seniors.

As we open gifts, share meals, fellowship and share the joy of this day, join me in reflecting on the hope we have anchored in the resurrection. Christmas introduces the possibility of hope; the resurrection introduces the reality of hope for us who place our trust and faith in the baby who grew up to accomplish his redemptive work for us. I like to think, plan and reflect with the end in mind. That’s the way I think. So, I start with the hope that comes with the resurrection and work backwards. It makes Christmas a very special day.

Albert L. Reyes is the sixth president and CEO of Buckner International, based in Dallas. He and his wife, Belinda, have three adult sons and are members of Park Cities Baptist Church.

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