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The power of a hug

Janet Biggar recently went on her first Buckner mission trip. She and the team shined hope into the lives of vulnerable children in Peru by delivering presents. Children were excited and enthusiastic as they met the Buckner group.

Except a 15-year-old girl named Anna in the Buen Pastor Orphanage in Cusco. She appeared so sad that Biggar thought she could be sick. Biggar’s heart ached for the young lady.

“I really felt that all I needed to do was hug her, and that is what I did,” Biggar wrote. “While everything was going on around us, all I did was hold her and hug her as she quietly sobbed.”

Anna wasn’t sick. She was in shock. And mourning. She’d come to the orphanage four days earlier. In Biggar’s embrace, Anna felt she could express her pain. In Biggar’s arms, she felt comfort.

“No wonder she was sad,” Biggar wrote. “God truly spoke to my heart. I knew I just needed to hold her. God wanted her to know she was loved. That young girl touched my heart. I cry each time I think about her. She will forever hold a place in my heart.”

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