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There's still time to apply for Project Go! 2014

There's still time to turn in your application and prepare for a life-changing summer of serving orphans, vulnerable children and families in Buckner ministries in the U.S. and worldwide. The deadline for Project Go! 2014 has been extended to February 14.

Just take a look at what a few 2013 Project Go! volunteers have to say:

"There was a 2nd grade girl in the residential home and despite all the brokenness in her life she had a smile that would brighten any room. She had the joy that did not reflect all she had been through, rather her ability to soak up the present moments God gave her."
– Aubrie Apple; Nairobi, Kenya

"GO! God’s people need you. I think it’s safe to say you need them too. Allow yourself to be wrecked. Make the decision to have your life and your heart turned inside out! Listen to God’s calling on your life and be thankful for the opportunity to be His hands and feet. You will never be the same."
–Rachel Miley; Guatemala City, Guatemala

"Going to church in Africa was an amazing experience. The whole month was filled with a lot of “It’s just different.” The food, transportation, scheduling, and just the way of life is so different. But understanding that God is the same everywhere around the world was a truth that really brought joy and peace to my heart."
–Susan Waldron; Busia, Kenya

"The amount of service the Buckner staff in each country does is utterly amazing and it is something I want to continue to support."
–Kelsi Lancaster; Guatemala City, Guatemala

"It is an amazing opportunity to get fully immersed in another culture, grow as a servant of the Lord and see how God is moving and active all over the world."
–Claire Mosely; Lima, Peru

"Project Go! has the capacity to change your life. But what you ultimately gain is directly proportional to how much you give of yourself. While it’s easy to be timid, doubtful, and/or reserved at first, this is the adventure of a lifetime. With a willing heart and a flexible mindset you WILL be changed, inspired and blessed more abundantly that you can ever imagine."
–Christina Hagan; Busia, Kenya

Project Go! is a one- or two-month mission opportunity to serve in one of 13 Buckner ministry locations in the United States and around the world. Click here to learn more about Project Go! and the available service opportunities.


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