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Things to do with someone who has Alzheimer’s

Christmas is over and the holiday excitement is winding down. You’ve enjoyed quality family time, but what now?

For families of someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, returning to daily life while still keeping the loved one engaged can be difficult. Here are 11 things you can do after the holidays or year-round with a loved one who suffers from memory loss.

  1. Clip coupons from the newspaper.
  2. Make a basket of socks.
  3. String cheerios on twine to hang outside for birds.
  4. Make a family tree poster using old family photos.
  5. Finish well-known phrases, Bible verses or songs.
  6. Try different hand lotions with pleasant scents.
  7. Cut up used paper to use for scratch craft paper.
  8. Play Pictionary.
  9. Polish silverware.
  10. Read the daily paper aloud.
  11. Have afternoon tea.

These tasks may seem trivial or menial, but for a person living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, having even a simple purpose can change the trajectory of an entire day. These and other activities can help the mind focus and limit frustrating distractions. Ultimately, these tasks remind them that they’re important and can still contribute to life.

For other tips and suggestions, check out a memory caregiver support group offered at most Buckner senior living communities. Call 800-381-4551 for more information. 

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