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Through the storm

Jesus can calm the storms in your life

I’ve been through many storms in my life. At times, the force of the wind has been so great that the windows have howled and the shingles have blown off the roof. Trees have cracked and fallen and rain fell so fiercely it beat the paint off the side of the house. At other times, tornadoes have flown overhead leaving massive destruction all around. 

Needless to say, any storm can be frightening, but it’s not always the physical storms that hit the hardest. Sometimes it is the death of a loved one, the too-soon birth of anticipated twin grandchildren, the loss of a job, a misspoken word, a long-held hurt that seems to never go away, a relationship ended, a relocation, a plethora of changes, the COVID-19 pandemic, or a growing awareness of prejudices and injustices.

Lately, my mind has often gone to the biblical story found in Mark 4. After a long and tiring day of ministry, Jesus and his followers get into their boats to cross the Sea of Galilee. While in transit, a tumultuous storm crops up. The rain is pouring. The wind is howling. The lightning is flashing. The thunder is booming. The boat is sinking. The disciples are frightened. And Jesus is sleeping.

In fear, the disciples wake Jesus to complain of his apparent unconcern. Jesus immediately stands in the boat, and with arms outstretched he commands the weather to calmness. Immediate calmness. Then, he challenges the disciples lack of faith.

In whatever storm you may find yourself today, may you find the faith to trust in the one who calms our storms. May you experience Jesus standing in your “boat” speaking, “Peace. Be still.”

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. –Isaiah 26:3

Written by David Mann, chaplain for Ventana by Buckner, a senior living community.

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