Today is Orphan Sunday: How can you help?

In Texas, there are currently 7,788 children waiting to be adopted and 34,161 children living in foster care, with many more who have been removed from their parents and placed with family members. These vulnerable children need loving families who are willing to step up and care for the kids in their own communities. 

Orphan Sunday is today and you and your church can help spread awareness this National Adoption Month about the need for loving, faith-guided families who can grow their family through adoption. Buckner has served vulnerable children and seniors since 1879 and is here to walk hand-in-hand with those families who feel called to respond to this crisis. 

While not everyone is called to foster or adopt, everyone can do something to help. You can be part of redeeming these children’s stories by spreading the word among your church family, life groups, Sunday school classes and ministry areas. Check out these resources and the graphic above for ways you and your church can support adoptive families in your own community.


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