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Tornado devastates Primera Iglesia Bautista of Dallas

The historical church, Primera Iglesia Bautista de Dallas, was impacted tremendously by the severe weather that swept through Dallas late October 20. The tornado destroyed the place where church and community members have met for over 40 years.

Ricardo Brambila, director of the Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake, also pastors this church. Only hours after the devastation, Brambila began contacting family coaches and local community members to confirm safety and areas of need. Currently, only one Buckner family is in great need.

“They have lost everything. But with the power lines down and the road closures, we can’t get to them yet," said Brambila. "But we are trying to stay in contact and continue to see what the needs in the area truly are. As for the church … we have to go through insurance, and we’ll see where that leads.”

Brambila is unsure how much damage and loss of their property will be covered. 

While the scene could have been dark, visitors walked through the parking lot in awe and children played throughout the yard. Church members offered water and encouragement.

“We know God has a blessing for us through this,” shared Richard Palma, a member of Primera Iglesia Bautista. “We just love Buckner and are so grateful for all the work they do for us. This church holds many of the Buckner programs here, and we just have to figure out where we can do that now.”

In the coming days, it is likely more needs will arise.

“We do not know what’s next, but we are so glad others are wanting to help,” said Brambila. 

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