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Update: Ministry Continues in Honduras Despite Conflict

(HONDURAS) -- Recent rumors in San Pedro Sula, Honduras purported that the city “shut down,” but Buckner Director of Missions George McCain confirms the reports are untrue.

“A curfew has been established in San Pedro Sula after rumors of demonstrations surfaced Thursday afternoon,” McCain reported. “Our missions coordinator in Honduras said some demonstrators did block toll bridges, but it is otherwise calm.”

Buckner International recently announced that all July and August mission trips to Honduras are cancelled until further notice.

Though political unrest has halted the support of mission teams to Honduras, it has not stopped Buckner’s ministry.

“I called one of our staff members as she was on her way to Nueva Esperanza orphanage,” McCain explained. “She was picking up two babies and two children to take them to Casitas Adolescences (a home for adolescent boys and girls). The two babies were going to visit their mothers and the two children were to visit siblings. Isn’t it great what precious things God can do through His servants even amidst political and social upheaval?”

McCain stressed that Buckner will continue to support the children of Honduras, and he asked for continued prayer for their safety.

“Should the political situation worsen, the needs of the children will intensify. We still need support to help these children in every way possible.”

To support Buckner’s continued work in Honduras financially, please contact Buckner Foundation at 214-758-8050.

Buckner Cancels July and August Trips to Honduras

By Analiz G. Schremmer

Buckner International confirmed that mission trips scheduled for Honduras in July and August are being canceled due to political unrest in the country.

“We will continue to watch and assess regarding the October and December trips,” said George McCain, director of Buckner missions. He added that no teams were scheduled for September.

Buckner suspended trips after a coup that would have allowed former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to seek a new term in office. More than a dozen soldiers disarmed Zelaya’s security guards and arrested the president at his residence early Sunday.

Zelaya was then taken to an air force base on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, from where he was flown to Costa Rica. After Zelaya’s arrest approximately 200 soldiers surrounded the presidential palace, while police officers used tear gas to disperse a demonstration of about 500 Zelaya supporters outside the palace.

Following the coup, Honduras’ Congress appointed Speaker of the Congress Roberto Micheletti as interim president.

Frances Azzad, director of Buckner programs in San Pedro Sula, Honduras said that the city is calm despite the political crisis and unrest in Tegucigalpa but the political situation remains difficult to predict.

“But many are encouraged by the negotiations between the rival presidents facilitated by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias planned for Thursday and Friday,” Azzad said.”

McCain asked that we pray for the children, staff and Buckner’s ministry in Honduras.

For more information on Buckner mission trips to Honduras, please call George McCain in the Buckner Missions office at (214) 388-1442.

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