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Virtual program helps teens explore career paths

Youth participated in hands on activities

To help keep families and children safe, the Buckner Teen Enrichment Academy (TEA) shifted to a virtual format. But that didn't stop teens from attending. After school, the teens participating in TEA hop onto Zoom to see what new and exciting activity is lined up for the day. 

Though not physically together, teens and the TEA leaders worked together through different career kit activities. Partnering with BridgeYear, a program that focuses on helping young adults find their desired careers, teens were sent kits full of supplies for two career events.

Youth participated together through virtual program

The youth could choose between three different kits: health care, electrician and carpentry. Each kit included two different career related activities.

Teens with the health care kit were able to learn about billing and coding and how to test (not real) blood samples.

The electrician kit allowed teens to learn how to put together a circuit and how to design a kitchen.

The carpentry kit also focused on both kitchen and bathroom design by allowing the teens to draft their own kitchens and create wall paneling. 

Leaders help youth discover future careers

The teens were excited to work with the kits and get some hands on experience for their desired career. A third session provided information for each desired career and where to start.

BridgeYear staff dedicated three afternoons to helping the teens through the career kits and the career paths.

Want to help youth and children discover new activities? Volunteer in your community and make a difference in a child's life.

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