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Waiting expectantly

A devotion about waiting with purpose

Most of us can agree waiting is not usually where we want to be. Whether that’s waiting in line for dinner, for your number to be called at the DMV (waiting is especially challenging in government buildings for some reason!) or waiting anxiously for that important phone call bringing good or bad news. But oftentimes, we find ourselves in a season of waiting in our faith. We’re waiting for God to heal. Or we’re waiting for an answer to prayer. 
And I often think about why I dislike waiting so much. It always feels like a waste. I could be doing something productive during these in-between times, right? 
We see waiting as a pause in the plan. But what if the waiting is a part of God’s plan? What if what he is showing us or teaching us in the waiting will prepare us for the rest of the journey? Lately, God has reminded me waiting can be productive.
As someone who is in the season of waiting, I have asked God to shift my perspective to the present. While I don’t get it right every day, I rest in these reminders and Scriptures:

  • Trust. I know God has a plan for my life and he alone sees the big picture. Remember Joseph waiting in prison when he knew one day his family would bow down to him? Trust God with each moment and every next step. Proverbs 3:5-6 is a great memory verse for trust.
  • Growth. In this season of waiting, what areas of my life can I seek growth? There is purpose in the waiting, and I firmly believe God is preparing my heart for whatever he has prepared for me. Luke 1:45 is a perfect daily reminder to lean into.
  • Joy. Seek out those little bursts of joy in each day. Remove the pressure of trying to figure out the future and rest in the goodness God has created for you today. Lamentations 3:25 is a great memory verse to rest in joy.

The best part about waiting? Knowing in the end, God has your best interests at heart. We serve a father who has bigger dreams for us than we could ever imagine and loves us without abandon.
Throughout the Old Testament, waiting is translated from a few different Hebrew words. One of my favorites is yachal. Yachal is translated as trust in Isaiah, but throughout Scripture, it’s often also translated as “wait expectantly” or “wait in hope.” 
Our waiting season is not without purpose. Because of who our God is, we can wait with purpose. We can wait expectantly in hope.
Written by Emily Ahrens, associate director of content development at Buckner International.

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