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Ways to raise money for your mission trip (part one)

As we head into spring break and look forward to the summer months, we also move into the time of the year when many people are looking into mission trip opportunities and wondering where their trip money will come from. One of the best things you can do is start early!

We’ve polled the Buckner Missions staff for the best ways to fundraise for a mission trip and are pleased to share the first part of their ideas today:

Create and sell a product

We have seen tons of creativity from mission trip participants who have made and marketed their own products to raise the funds for their mission trips. If you plan on serving on mission trips on a regular basis, you might consider setting up an online storefront on a website like Etsy.com to bring money into your mission trip savings account year-round.

Art. For the artistically gifted, Javier Perez, manager of missions and humanitarian aid, suggests an art auction featuring a gallery of pictures and paintings.

Food. Many people know that the way to another’s heart is through their stomach, so they head to the kitchen to make and sell delicious treats. Melanie Miller and Brittani Cirinna baked hundreds of cake pops, while Ada Sanchez sold homemade empanadas.

T-shirts. A custom T-shirt is always a popular choice. Krista Askey and Morgan Shamasko had shirts custom designed and printed to raise money for their trips to Africa.


Magnets. Elizabeth Jensen created stylish magnets in the shape of Africa with John 14:18 on them: "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” They looked great and reminded her supporters to say a prayer for Elizabeth and the children she served in Nairobi, Kenya.

Keychains. Jessie Baldwin crafted beaded keychains. She said people were “so generous in buying the $10 keychains and sometimes even donating more!”

You’re only limited by your creativity and your skills – you could knit scarves, cook up fancy sea-salted caramels, design invitations and stationery, mix up homemade, eco-friendly cleaning products, make bridal accessories and much more.

Use what you’ve got

What resources do you have access to that might bring in some extra money?

Homegrown foods. If you have a green thumb, you could sell surplus from your vegetable garden, fruit from your trees, fresh eggs from your chickens or homemade preserves and pickles.


A spare room. Got extra space in your place? You can rent it out to people visiting your hometown through a service like Airbnb.com or HomeAway.com.

Your automobile. There are peer-to-peer car rental services, such as GetAround.com and RelayRides.com, where you can let pre-screened renters pay to use your vehicle when you’re not driving it.

Your embroidery machine. Monogrammed cuffs and accessories always look polished. Use your crafting equipment to add custom monograms to garments and other items people already own.

Click here to see part two of our mission trip fundraising ideas!

What are the best mission trip fundraisers you’ve seen or heard of? Share your ideas in the comments.

Buckner Missions can help you and your church plan your next mission trip. Visit www.buckner.org/missions to learn more.


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