We must always remember where many of the families we serve come from

Families often come to Buckner Family Pathways when they’ve tried everything else to better their situations on their own without seeing any improvement. They’ve realized they need help, and Buckner is an answer to prayer.

A portion of the families who come to these programs either are living in their vehicles, couch surfing in friend’s homes or are on the brink of having to take one of those actions. They are mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained.

In many ways, they are hopeless. 

In this TED Talk that’s trending online, Becky Blanton delves deep into what it was like the year she was homeless following the death of her father. She learned three things quickly while living out of a 1975 van.

“One, society equates living in a permanent structure, even a shack, with having value as a person. Two, I failed to realize how quickly the negative perceptions of other people can impact our reality if we let it. And three, I failed to realize homelessness is an attitude, not a lifestyle.”

Family Pathways helps address each of these issues. It provides families safe, secure housing. The program surrounds families with positive influences. It also provides resources such as counseling to help families work through any issues they may have encountered.

The result is lives are changed. Families work hard to achieve goals, including earning educational degrees. Parents find better jobs. They become better parents. They have hope.

Becky leaves us with this reminder, which seems appropriate when thinking about Family Pathways: “People are not where they live, where they sleep or what their life situation is at any given time.”


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