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Welcome to the new Buckner.org!

Technology is always changing. One of the most notable ways it’s changing is how increasingly important it is in our lives. Our website is a good example of how critical it is for Buckner to communicate our mission to you. Right now we are recording more than 106,000 unique page views a month -- just to Buckner.org! That means you are intentionally digging into our content to find out more about helping children and families.

Because our site is important to you, it’s important to us. So we’ve redesigned it to make it cleaner and easier to navigate. We’re also using the site as an opportunity for you to interact with us. Look at the top of each page, and you see opportunities to:

  • Give. We want you to become a voice for children by sharing your resources to make their lives better.

  • Learn. Not only do we want you to learn about what we do and where we do it, but also learn ways you can be an advocate for children among your friends.

  • Engage. In addition to giving or learning, we also offer several ways for you, your organization or your church to engage in actively making a difference in others’ lives.

Our challenge to everyone who visits Buckner.org is to “Go. Be. Do.” -- to go somewhere, be a voice and do something. Regardless of which direction you take, make it an active direction and find ways here to support the most vulnerable people in the world – with Buckner!

Albert L. Reyes
President, Buckner International

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